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Universus-Csei, Bari

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Ettore Ruggiero
Chris Duke

Universus-Csei, Bari, representing University of Bari, Polytechnic of Bari and University of Lecce

Located throughout the whole of the Apulia region with centres in Bari, Lecce, Brindisi, Foggia, Taranto and Corato, Universus aims at being a place to promote the "pleasure of lifelong learning", freeing creativity, enhancing the talents of individuals, stimulating a passion and sense of responsibility for the common good, encouraging both individual and collective planning ability.

What does PASCAL do with Universus-Csei ?

The Chair of PASCAL, Professor Jarl Bengtsson, Co-Director of PASCAL, Professor Mike Osborne and PASCAL Associate, Professor Norman Longworth were all keynote speakers at a Universus-Csei organised seminar in Bari in January 2008 on Learning Regions, Learning Cities for the Information Society and for Economic Development.

Universus-Csei facilitates the Pascal's PURE project in Puglia.

Ettore Ruggiero was a Keynote Speaker within a PASCAL PURE panel at a European Society for Research in the Education of Adults conference, Educating the adult educator: Quality provision and assessment in Europe. See ESREA|ReNAdET e-Book Conference Proceedings found at

Ettore Ruggiero is a member of the PASCAL Advisory Board.


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