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PASCAL Projects

PASCAL engages in a range of research and development projects. These can broadly be delineated as one-off projects and scalable projects.

One-off projects are either won through competitive bidding to funding agencies such as Research Councils, Charitable Trusts, Foundations and Government Agencies or are linked to a subscription arrangement to a region as a response to an immediate demand. A number of these projects are described in the sections below.

Scaleable projects are those which interest many potential clients and are characterised by the added value of the fluidity of knowledge exchange that occurs between client regions during the course of the project's life. We see huge benefits for regions in these projects (of which PURE is our main exemplar currently) since not only do regions benefit from the research that we do with them in their location, but they also benefit from transfer of knowledge and know-how from other regions. In such projects we actively focus on inter-regional communication and co-operation in the best sense of communities of practice, whether it be face-to-face or virtual.

Since 2004 PASCAL has worked co-operatively with some 50 agencies around the world, including 24 regions/cities who are members of the organisation. Currently we are running projects to the value of approximately €1m. We have produced outstanding results in our projects, many of which we have now completed and many more of which are currently in progress. We are actively implementing a range of new project initiatives which have already attracted a great deal of interest. Details of current, completed and prospective projects are shown in the following sections.

Please look through the project summaries demonstrating what PASCAL can achieve. If you are considering, planning or currently implementing your own local or regional development project there is a good chance that you would benefit from working with PASCAL - in the first instance, please contact our Executive Officer, Dr Alan Foster.


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