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Offline features PASCAL: Global ideas for local communities, one of the leading companies producing on-line newspapers, has featured PASCAL's social media practice in the latest blog on their website.  Whilst many of the papers they produce are for individuals or for businesses, they were interested in PASCAL's use of the papers as an international organisation. produce Pascal's daily newspaper OBSERVATIONS and the weekly OBSERVATIONS Weekend edition. OBSERVATIONS brings together the best stories from around the world behind the tweets from those now 320+ people and organisations that follow PASCAL,  whilst OBSERVATIONS Weekend highlights the stories PASCAL itself has tweeted about over the previous 7 days.

Taken together, the papers play an important role in drawing attention to the PASCAL website, to relevant news events and discussions relating to PASCAL's themes, whilst at the same time helping to project PASCAL's activities and emerging ideas and reports to the wider world.

If you do not already see them, you can see OBSERVATIONS here OBSERVATIONS Weekend here  Why not subscribe and each edition will be sent straight to your in-box. 

Both papers are linked to the PASCAL  on Twitter!/obspascal and Facebook. Please note our Facebook page has a smart new look.  Why not check it out, and 'like' it?


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