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6th PASCAL Observatory International Conference - Lifelong Learning's Role in Regional Development and Re-Generation (Limerick, Ireland)

May 28 2008 00:00
May 30 2008 00:00

Limerick, Ireland

Event Information

PENR3L and PASCAL are combining forces to organise one of 2008’s most important conferences covering the issues of Regional Development, Social Capital and Regeneration. The conference will have the twin goals of the dissemination of the findings of the PENR3L project and to showcase the latest research findings of the PASCAL Observatory. The central themes of Regional Development, Learning Regions, Social Capital and Regeneration have been the central areas of investigation for the PENR3L Project and are the pivotal strands of the PASCAL Observatory.

The key focus will not be on regional development or the development of the learning region per se but rather the impact these have in terms of regional regeneration and development that has flowed from the efforts to develop learning regions.

The learning region has now been well defined but for the purpose of this conference it will encompass both urban and rural dimensions and is not confined to administrative or geographical boundaries. In the past much attention has been devoted to issues concerning the ability to mobilise the many and varied players in the region but the focus of this combined conference is outcomes which have been achieved. Not all efforts have been successful and in this regard papers submitted for consideration do not have to be exclusively associated with fruitful initiatives and outcomes.

Parallel sessions of presented papers, demonstration projects which illustrate good practice, and roundtable discussions will allow for debate and discussion on a range of topics associated with the central themes of the conference.

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